A. Salim Göktepe1, Ayşe Sarsan2, Bilge Yılmaz1, Rıdvan Alaca1, Ünsal Coşkun1

Keywords: Vertebral hydatid disease, paraplegia, relapse


Vertebral hydatid disease is relatively common in our country while it is very rare in western countries. It may lead to serious complications; besides its morbidity, it is reported to have 14-58% of mortality rate. Paraple-gia or spinal root compression may occur in 25-84% of the patients. Surgical excision of the cyst is reported to be the treatment of choice. However, the rate of relapse is known to be high. In this article, a case with vertebral hydatid disease having paraplegia and experiencing relapses after several operations is being reported.