Barın Selçuk1, Aydan Kurtaran1, Elif Topçuoğlu1, Murat Ersöz1, Yasemin Çolak1, Nilgün Şimşir1, Müfit Akyüz1, Hilmi Uysal2

Keywords: Necrotizing myelopathy, electrophysiology, rehabilitation


Necrotizing myelopathy, although very rare, is a neurological paraneoplastic complication of various malignancies, it may certainly be seen in non-cancer patients. It is a slowly progressing disease characterized with lower motor neuron involvement. Preservation of sensory nerve action potentials and severe denervation seen in electromyography.

In this case, we present a necrotizing myelopathy case with electrophysiological findings and rehabilitation outcomes. A discussion of the case and a brief review of the literature on the subject were presented.